ATC donation brings technology to Eastbrook Academy

Computers that once were used by American Transmission Co. employees who design the electric transmission grid now are being used by students at Eastbrook Academy - an academically strong private Milwaukee, Wis. school that educates 400 economically and socially diverse students from different cultural backgrounds in grades K4 through 12.

In 2013, Eastbrook was seeking a donation of computer equipment to expand its computer lab and provide a modern classroom for its students.

ATC facility assistant and parent of an Eastbrook student, Rita Brown, saw a posting for the donation request and brought the request to the attention of Cerise Reed, ATC senior desktop administrator, to see if there was a possibility for ATC to fulfill it. Reed followed up with her team, and over the next year, computers that reached the end of the ATC lifecycle were donated to Eastbrook. ATC donated 19 desktop computers and 25 laptops, along with an LCD projector, which greatly expanded Eastbrook’s computer lab.

Frank Lee, Eastbrook’s IT director, said, “The donation has helped the school immensely…it has pushed (the students) into a more 21st Century technology classroom.”

A group of middle-school children use the computers during their English Composition class for peer-editing, “which is much more difficult when you’re doing it in paper and pencil,” according to their teacher, Lisa Johnston.

We’re happy to have been able to fulfill the needs of Eastbrook’s computer lab and to see that the students are both enjoying them, and using them to develop new skills in an academically challenging environment.

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